December 18, 2012

Deck the halls

with bows of Holly fa la la la laaa la la la laaa

Christmas Greetings!

Only 1 week left until christmas!!!
Have quite a lot to do this week though.
Massaging tues-thurs then i'll be in town
Selling gift cards. Great way to show someone
you love that you care! hehe

Well hope you're all getting into the christmas spirit!

December 14, 2012



I havn't really had time to update the blog, sorry!
Had quite a lot to do at work, and I finally feel that the dust
is settling, a bit. Having your own company is like
living in a different world. All the stuff you have to think about,
it's hectic but fun!

Last Saturday was my grand opening. It was great, about 60 people
came to have a look around. My friend Linda and our friend Jonathan
played a few songs at the end of the day, which was great.
They're so talented! Just want to thank everyone who came and
everyone who helped out. Thank you!!
Unfortunately I don't have any pics from the opening day, but I do have
a few of where I'm working.

November 5, 2012


Sorry, I meant the 8th December in my last post.

Last Sunday my lovely aunt and mum helped clean the place up a bit.
Which It was in need of!! But with a lick of paint here and there and some new interior
bits and bobs, the place should look great!! :)

November 1, 2012

Today's the day!

Today's been my first day working as my own employer!
It's been great, I know I'm going to love working out there,
the view is amazing. There are worse places you could work.
Here are a few pics of what the place looks like now.
Will be freshening the place up a bit before the
"Grand Opening" on the 1 December!

 The waiting room
 Reception area
 Product shelf
 Skin therapist room
Massage room

And there you have it!
I'll keep you updated!

October 25, 2012


I can't believe it's been over a year since I last posted something here!
Anyway, I have some news. In about a week I will be the new owner of a small company in Ulricehamn called "Mitt I Sjön". It's a little spa out on the lake. I'm going to put the link to the website so you can take a look. More on this later. I've got to go to work now.


October 20, 2011

And were off!

Soon I'll be leaving my boyfriend, new flat, family and friends to set off out into the big wide world to explore and experience what's outside of Europe. I'm going to miss everyone, but I'll be back in 136 days or 19 weeks and 3 days.

Love you all!!